Snake Behavior
Behavior Rattlesnake exhibiting rattling behavior in slow motion 600fps

Timber Rattlesnake prepares to eat chipmunk in wild.  Great example of snake nudging animal to find head

Snake locomotion and ambushing lizard

King Cobra Hoods up.  This is the classic behavior of a cobra hooding up.VIDEO 1/14/08

-Coral Snake locomotion 9/25/07 VIDEO

Rough Green Snake mimicking a twig in the wind, It is in the first minute of the video.  VIDEO 9/9/07

 Black Racer flutters tail in leaves mimicking a rattle snake VIDEO 9/4/07

Rabbit attacking snake.  Snake showing defensive behaviors VIDEO 1/09/07

Rattlesnake combat behavior VIDEO 11/24/06

Breeding Behavior in Pythons VIDEO 11/24/06

2 Males Combating VIDEO 11/24/06

2 Males Combating VIDEO 11/24/06

Snake copulatory behavior1  2  3 VIDEO 11/24/06

Snake in Rectilinear motion on road way VIDEO 11/6

Egg Eating Snake VIDEO 11/6

Bull snake is showing aggression in its enclosure, Audubon Zoo VIDEO 11/4

Black Racer demonstrating fight and flight response from a domestic catVIDEO 11/3

Copperhead tongue flicking, striking and feeding on mouse VIDEO 11/1

King Cobra tongue flicking VIDEO

Northern Water Snake exhibiting flight behavior VIDEO

Forest Cobra Desensitization VIDEO

Anaconda Feeding Behavior (eating a caiman) VIDEO

Anaconda Regurgitating a Tapir VIDEO

Caudal Luring in Bitis VIDEO















This Pine Woods Snake is hiding its head as a defense.  This a common defense with snakes against predators.  The body is broken up of which end is which.  Most predators will pounce the head area. 

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