Turtle Behavior
Snapping Turtle climbing chainlink fence

Underwater footage of Alligator Snapping Turtle, Barbours Map Turtle and others.

Turtle Red-ear slider Scavenging on large dead fish.

This shows a turtle biting at the tooth of an enclosure mate, Cataphractus.  Turtles and crocodiles are always testing out unusual objects for food by mouthing the objects.  This is an example of that behavior.

Tortoise is showing aggression toward a glove.  Interesting footage, but not uncommon

Tortoise Breeding Behavior1/14/08

Green Turtle exhibiting territorial behavior

-Tongue Luring in Alligator Snapping Turtle VIDEO 9/9/07
Enrichment and Play Behavior Pignose Turtle VIDEO 7/24/07
Florida Cooter hiding under a snag in a defensive behavior VIDEO 7/8/07
Alligator Snapping Turtle in motion underwater footage VIDEO 7/8/07
Barbour's Map Turtles under water resting/hiding VIDEO 7/8/07
Slider investigating a juvenile slider.  This turtle exhibits the tactiling with the front legs, but with out the fluttering of the nails.  VIDEO 11/1/06
Tortoises ramming (evidence of dominance and subordination) VIDEO 11/1/06
Aldabra Tortoise exhibiting mating behavior with gulling thrusts VIDEO 11/1/06
Two Tortoises exhibiting ramming and biting behavior toward one another VIDEO 11/1/06
General Behavior Patterns of Sea Turtles
Behavior of Green Sea Turtles in the Presence and Absence of Recreational Snorkellers
Map Turtles
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
Snapping Turtles
Western Pond Turtle


Photo by Flavio Morrissiey

This Spurred Tortoise has a unique job.  Many Galapagos Breeders bring their tortoises to this facility and the tortoise determines the gender of the Galapagos tortoises.  It is often difficult to tell the gender of young Galapagos Tortoises.  This Spurred Tortoise has 100% guess rate.  He will usually show aggression toward the males and this is how the breeders will select their ratios for breeding.